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Moles (Talpa Europea) – the unwanted turf pest.

Moles can be a real nuisance in many situations, from sports turfs and agricultural land to our gardens.There busy lives of excavating tunnels, which can be up to 20 meters in one day, leaves behind the mounds of soil which spoils our well kept lawns and makes the job of mowing a difficult one. If these subterranean miners are not dealt with quickly, large areas of turf and crops are damaged.


Mouse invasion (pest control Chelmsford)

A recent call from a customer in the Brentwood area, found us surveying an old house with a large presence of mice. One of there children had also spotted a rat on the kitchen table, so clearly something had to be done.We discussed the options, and decided baiting would be the way forward to get this pest problem under control again.When baiting for mice, the more bait you put down the better as they are sporadic feeders, and in this house all rooms and the loft showed evidence that mice were running a mock.