It’s Summer, and the wasps are making their nests.

This wasps nest was found recently by Wild Things Pest Solutions in its early stage, so it was only about the size of a tennis ball.

As you can see the nest is constructed of a paper mache substance which the wasps make from pulped wood. This material is surprisingly waterproof, and as the season progresses the nest could increase to 5 times the size it is now. Typically it’s the wasp vespula Germanica or the European wasp that builds its nest in trees and shrubs.

We were clearing a garden for a client to help prevent rats, and I came across this nest when one of the wasps decided to sting me! It wasn’t pleasant, but thankfully I don’t react badly to bites.

If you have a wasp problem this Summer drop us a line at wild things pest solutions. We have all the best products to quickly destroy problem nests from your home, business or garden.

wasps nest