The problem with rats

Rodents love to gnaw, especially rats.  The reason for this is their two front incisors never stop growing, so without gnawing away at different materials they could not keep those teeth at an acceptable size to eat and groom themselves. The incisors have a very hard enamel coating, this allows them to chew through even hard materials such as lead, aluminium, and soft concrete. The gnawing habit can cause damage to internal wiring of homes and businesses, which could be a potential fire risk, or cut off the power to light and electrics.

Pest control of rats makes up a large percentage of our call outs, which shows they are on the increase. Rats are a serious pest, bringing the risk of both damage and disease to property and people.

If you have a pest problem with rats give us a call at Wild Things Pest Solutions  for a quick and effective solution to your problem.