The Common Clothes Moth

With textile pests such as The Common Clothes Moth, problems can be managed in a organic way – by thorough house keeping on a regular basis.

It was interesting to see a programme on how this method is employed by National Trust staff at some of our great historic estates. These great houses have many items such as ancient tapestries, beautiful woollen rugs, silk curtains and much more. Their safety from the attack of textile pests is completely managed by a regular and ‘no stone left unturned’ approach.

This just goes to show the use of chemicals is not always necessary. Simple measures like hoovering (but this means under sofas, inside cupboards etc) is important, as larva have an aversion to light, and will seek out the cracks and dark places of a room which normally means under furniture. However don’t forget to always empty the bag from your hoover, as it can become another breeding ground if left unemptied.

Moth traps can be brought and placed to monitor the situation. The other advantage of these traps is they will break the breeding cycle, by catching the males which are attracted to the pheromones. If these measures don’t work then the application of insecticides will be the way forward.

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