Mouse invasion (pest control Chelmsford)

A recent call from a customer in the Brentwood area, found us surveying an old house with a large presence of mice. One of there children had also spotted a rat on the kitchen table, so clearly something had to be done.

We discussed the options, and decided baiting would be the way forward to get this pest problem under control again.

When baiting for mice, the more bait you put down the better as they are sporadic feeders, and in this house all rooms and the loft showed evidence that mice were running a mock.

Our pest control service based in Essex, will provide the best rat and mouse baits available to bring about a thorough and quick solution. These are all applied in a safe and secure way to prevent poisoning to house hold pets or other non target animals.

Bad odours can sometimes be an issue with baiting, but we can provided some very good deodorises that work well to reduce bad smells. The damage that mice cause plus there habit of planting there droppings every where is not pleasant for any home or business.

I am pleased to say that by the third visit from Wild Things Pest Solutions, things were back under control, and a quarterly visit has been arranged to keep an eye on things in the future.

A pest control tip which can go a long way to preventing mice from getting in the home: Fix mouse mesh vents over your air bricks, a simple but effective way to keep the house mouse free.

If you have a pest control issue then why not contact our Essex based pest control service.