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Getting Rid of Rats

The brown rat is one of the most common pests found in businesses and in people homes across Essex, it’s said you’re never more than 6 feet away from a rat, with an estimated 10 million rats in the UK it’s no surprise that here at Wildthings Pest Solutions getting rid of rats is one […]

The problem with rats

Rodents love to gnaw, especially rats.  The reason for this is their two front incisors never stop growing, so without gnawing away at different materials they could not keep those teeth at an acceptable size to eat and groom themselves. The incisors have a very hard enamel coating, this allows them to chew through even […]

Identifying the (Pest) Noises in Your Loft

When there is noise coming from the loft space, especially at night times it is normally one of two things – rats or squirrels. Mice are not big enough to make any real disturbance and after having them in mine own loft they would have gone undetected if I had not gone up there to […]

How to Avoid Cat Flea Problems

The cat flea, ctenocephalides felis, is one of the most abundant and widespread species of flea on earth. Adults range from 1-2mm long and are usually a reddish- brown colour. The cat flea is compressed laterally perfectly suited for clinging and climbing through the host’s fur. The cat flea’s primary host is the domestic cat, […]

Keeping Hens & The Risk of Rats!

A recent customer based in Ingatestone keeps about 5 free range hens. This has become a very popular thing among many urban dwellers now and it’s lovely to be able to collect their fresh eggs, but there are problems that can arise and that’s rats taking full advantage of a regular food source, especially in […]

Keeping on Top of Rabbit Problems

With winter not far around the corner, this can be a great time to get on top of a rabbit problem. With summer vegetation now dying back it allows the very effective method of netting the holes of the warren, and working ferrets underground to bolt the rabbits into the purse nets. It’s a very […]

A Quick Fix for Cluster Fly Problems

During a recent call from a customer based in Stock (Essex), a customer asked me if I could help them with their cluster fly problem. As many of you already know this is a perennial problem, affecting the same house every time autumn approaches and the cluster flies seek somewhere to hibernate during the colder […]

How to Protect Your Home from Rodents

The summer is slowly coming to its end and the first hints that autumn and winter are not far around the corner. As colder days and nights and a shortage of natural food take place, mice will seek harbourage in our homes and out-buildings such as sheds and garages. We can take a few measures […]

How to get rid of rats

The Common Brown Rat

The common brown rat has to be one of our worst pests – we can all live with a few bugs here and there , but the thought of rats in our homes and businesses is a horrible one. They are carriers of many diseases plus there is the damage that can be caused to […]