March 2015 - Pest Control Company Essex

Pest Control for Wasps in Chelmsford and Essex

When it comes to wasps there are two main species which are most commonly found in the UK. These are vespula vulgaris and vespula germanica, the latter being the wasp most frequently encountered during the British Summer. Vespula germanica is easy to identify because it has 3 black spots either side of its abdomen.


The brown rat – pest control service

The common brown rat (rattus norvegicus) never ceases to amaze me. During the daily course of my work I have grown to admire there tenacity to take advantage of every situation available to them, from there ability to climb just about anything, and find there way into our loft or cavity walls, to there very sharp incisor teeth which can gnaw through metals and even concrete. They can swim up to half a mile on open water and dive to a depth of 3 ft or more. There has been a case where a local river authority had concerns, because the rats were diving to take the swan mussels ofF the river bed.