A Quick Fix for Cluster Fly Problems

During a recent call from a customer based in Stock (Essex), a customer asked me if I could help them with their cluster fly problem. As many of you already know this is a perennial problem, affecting the same house every time autumn approaches and the cluster flies seek somewhere to hibernate during the colder months. It is almost impossible to proof the house totally and annual visits to apply a ultra low volume insecticide gets expensive over the years. On that note, I advised my customer to install the Titan 300 electronic fly killer.

The initial cost is soon repaid when instead of the usual call to a pest control company like ourselves, you just flick the switch and let the Titan fly killer take care of the rest. If you have a problem with cluster flies then get in touch and we can supply the Titan 300 at a very competitive rate. If this product does not suit your situation, an insecticide application can sort the problem very quickly.

cluster fly damage