Mice Control Services

The house mouse Is the most common of home invading mice. A mouse in your house is more than a unwanted pest it can also be a health threat to all who live there. Small with a slender body it’s physical features are body length 2-3inches. Tail 3-4 inches.wieght less than 1 ounce.colour usually light brown to Grey.head small with black eyes,pointed snout and large ears. Mice are nocturnal meaning they are most active at night when your house hold is fast asleep.it is flexible and can come into your home through a crack or hole as small as a pen.it does not need water but can survive on the water from its food source.mice are a problem because they have no bladder control, so trail urine where ever they go. They leave behind 50-75 mouse droppings each day.can reproduce up to 35 young each year. Cause damage through gnawing and nest making.can transmit diseases such as salmonellosis,leptospirosis,rat bite fever.